Single Woman by Dell Lemmon



Single Woman, a stunning debut collection by poet Dell Lemmon, is like nothing you’ve read. It goes down easy as a chocolate mousse with each spoonful controlled for texture and taste, and yet there’s so much hard-won truth and beauty here, so much tragedy laced with humor. These poems speak directly and intimately to the reader, as if the poet is having a conversation with you about the small and large breaking points of our lives. Nothing is forced, not a line or stanza feels laborious or fussy. Lemmon’s mind makes for fluid quicksilver thinking on the page whether it’s her lineage or her loneliness under the microscope. These poems are never judgmental and her lyrical essayist style is elastic enough to capture any subject whether as in the masterpiece “Salt Girls” that weaves salt, the mineral, with Morton Salt, where the poet’s grandfather was president of the company, his disinheriting of his grandchildren, and her grandmother’s possible suicide. Ardent, brilliant, compassionate, this collection educates—the heart educating the mind, and then the mind educating the heart. Single Woman will become your favorite book, you’ll carry it with you always.

–Stephanie Dickinson, author of LOVE HIGHWAY and HEAT: AN INTERVIEW WITH JEAN SEBERG

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