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#17 The Cruelties of Brooklyn, Paul Schaeffer
#18 Death, Please Wait, Rochelle Jewell Shapiro
#19 Dear Yiddish, Richard J. Fein

Next Mudfish Poetry Prize #17 
Judged by Deborah Landau  (https://www.deborahlandau.com)
Contest deadline: June 15, 2023

Special announcement!

Dear poets, writers, artists, and friends,

At long last, Mudfish is back! Deep apologies for the delay: a protracted legal dispute finally resolved, I am at last able to announce the winners and finalists of the 16th Mudfish Poetry Prize judged by Marie Howe. They are as follows:

First Prize

Alyssa Stadtlander, for “the voice of one crying”

First Honorable Mention
Michael Miller, for “Skunk Cabbage”

Second Honorable Mention
William Barnes for “the veils”


Tim Nolan
St.  Louis Park, Minnesota

Matthew Flamm
New York, New York

Jay Kidd
East Hampton, New York

Michael Miller
Amherst, Massachusetts

Susan Wiley
Hot Springs, Arizona

William Barnes
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rafaella Del Bourgo
Berkeley, California

Alyssa Stadtlander
Boise, Idaho

Stephen Ackerman
Poughquag, New York

Paula Finn
Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

Tony Gloeggler
Richmond Hill, New York

Susan Leary
Coral Gables, Florida

The next issue of Mudfish, Mudfish 23, which has been in enforced sleep mode, should be available by December 2022 or January 2023.

Two volumes of Mudfish Individual Poet Series will also be published at that time:

The Cruelties of Brooklyn by Paul Schaeffer and

Kimono with Young Girl Sleeves by Jill Hoffman

With thanks to our loyal and patient friends, and to Marie Howe for her brilliant judging of the contest, and to the wonderful poets who made her job difficult and the forthcoming issue great.


Jill Hoffman
Founding Editor
Mudfish/Box Turtle Press

Mudfish 22 has launched! Better than ever — our constant theme — is true once again.

Mudfish 22 is bursting with beautiful outrageous poems, lavish selections from diverse poets, and new art by up-and-coming New York-based artists. The readers include the judge of the Mudfish Poetry Prize, Erica Jong, the first prize winner from Kentucky, two honorable mentions from Canada and Texas, a new poet from London, the guest Art Editor, John Yau, and many others.  Available through Barnes & Noble or via PayPal at mudfishmag@aol.com

Or, send checks to:

Box Turtle Press, 184 Franklin Street, Ground Floor, New York, NY, 10013

Join the Mudfish Workshop now on Zoom!

The winners are in for the 15th Mudfish Poetry Prize judged by Erica Jong!

First prize goes to:
Mark Schimmoeller from Frankfort, Kentucky, for his poem, “Benediction”

Click here to view all the winners

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Box Turtle Press, 184 Franklin Street, Ground Floor, New York, NY, 10013;
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Please look forward to a brilliant issue of Mudfish, which will be out later this Fall!

With warmest thanks to our poets, readers, and judge.


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Mudfish individual poet series #10


Mudfish 20 - coming soon !!!