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Mudfish, a journal of art and poetry (and some fiction), takes its title from the storyteller’s stool in Nigerian art. The poems each tell a story. They are resonant, and visceral, encapsulating our unique human experiences. There is a wide range to the subject matter and style, but the poems all have breath and life, a living voice.

Mudfish has featured work from the best established and emerging artists and poets – including John Ashbery, Charles Simic, and Frank Stella –since it burst onto the poetry scene in 1984.

World famous, with a cult following, the journal contains the passionate, edgy, intimate voice of the 21st century. Mudfish is a memorable read, a handsome and generous journal that will surprise and delight and last.

The Mudfish Individual Poet Series are companion volumes, each showcasing the work of a single Mudfish poet.